1. darkravenbest

    Saving local group in hashtable

    Hello, maybe it will seem a very retarded question. But really cant understant what seems to be a problem. I just making a map for myself for fun and tried to port trigger from Open Dota, Warlock SpellBound. It was very old version with returnbug, so i replace it with hashtable and stuff. And im...
  2. HerlySQR

    [General] Question about bj_wantDestroyGroup=true

    What happened when I do bj_wantDestroyGroup=true?, because I thought that just eliminate the groups created in GUI in the same trigger, but I had this problem: [General] - I'm tired of this (Workers doing action that they shouldn't do) And results that I checked that an important group...
  3. DrunkenDirt

    Is removing units from group enough to solve memory leaks?

    What title says, does a system like the one below prevent leaking, or do I need to destroy the group with a custom script? Haven't been able to find a clear answer. Untitled Trigger 004 Events Conditions Actions Set VariableSet GroupUnit_Temp1 = (Units of type Footman)...
  4. Retera

    Newer Patches Reduce Matrix Limit

    I debugged this for a while and I don't think anybody else should be stuck on the same issue, so I want to get the word out. The limit to the number of matrices in Warcraft 3 has been reduced from 256 down to 255. Also, multiple incorrect statements were made in this video. Most importantly...