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gold mine

  1. HeheSylvanas

    How to make Wisps enter their Entangled Gold Mine?

    Hi! This might sound like a simple stupid request ;D I simply want to know how I can order a Wisp to enter a Gold Mine or vice versa. I have tried the "Load", "Harvest", "Right-Click", and "Board" orders. But it just doesn't work. Any kind of help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance...
  2. u wot m8_

    Modified Haunted Gold Mine issue

    I've modified a haunted gold mine a little bit, mostly cosmetic, but i've also modified it's abilities. Now every time i build this modified haunted gold mine, the gold mine it's built upon resets it's gold value to zero, and when i cancel the modified haunted gold mine's construction progress...
  3. Sauri Boombastic

    Modifying Melee Maps: Do you alter the tree hit points and gold mine amounts?

    Am I the only one who feels that 'default' mines amount is too short for a good game experience? Same for the pretty quick map deforestation due to the default value for the trees? I have a whole folder with 'default' maps, with the trees hp risen up and the mines gold level too.
  4. jure25

    Transferring gold from a gold mine to another gold mine

    I want to make a map where I have workers mine gold from a gold mine and bring it to a storage. And then I would use a different worker type to take the gold from the storage and return it to a town hall. If it helps I found a map from user DragoonZombie that makes gold mines not explode when...
  5. Kretoma

    [General] Gold harvesting pathing in water

    Greetings community! :) I have faced a similar issue as in this thread: [General] - Pathing Issue: Returning Resources over deep water I uploaded the file. I made it as minimatistic as possible. I made two only water placeable buildings out of the human shipyard. One with the gold mine...
  6. Rocknar

    Help with mine explosion

    Hi i am creating a new playable race, where i use haunted gold mine, but not for mining. My building has negative hp regen so it will be destroyed after time. BUT i need to destroy the golden mine in that moment too. I created a trigger but without result It should work like this: When haunted...
  7. SSJ7107

    Arcane Gold Mine

    Hello guys I'm making a campaign and I need a model for an arcane gold mine. It's similar to Haunted Gold Mine but it is replaced with magic and arcane stuff. Will give rep and credits Thanks!
  8. Hankxiety

    [General] Pathing Issue: Returning Resources over deep water

    Noticing that worker units ordered to Return Resources will hesitate to cross deep water. Troubleshooting Have tested with Movement Type - Amphibious and Float. Have tested with Art - Model File Peasant and Human Transport Ship. Have tested with both Gold and Lumber harvesting. The problem...
  9. Rattlehead

    Custom Gold Mine(Rich Gold Mine)

    Hello friends, so I want to create a custom gold mine, which workers will mine 25 gold per trip from it, while keeping the 10 gold per trip standard mine, similar to Starcraft's rich mineral patches and I need some help. So I copied the mine into another unit. And I also copied the abilities...
  10. Raen7

    [GUI] Undead Gold Gathering (Harvesting) Upgrade

    Intro I was recently trying to build a map with "improved resource gathering" upgrades. This is very simple for Human and Orc (based off the Human "Improved Lumber Harvesting" upgrade), and semi-simple for Night Elf (the upgrade has to use a separate effect called "Gold harvesting bonus...
  11. Zartyzzo

    Different "gold" mines with different resources

    (Short version: How do I make a gold mine, for example, give lumber instead while also having another gold mine unit-type that actually gives gold?) Hi! I've been trying for a while to make 3 different resources, which are all mined at a "gold" mine, (meaning they have different models and...
  12. Seavalan Legend

    Haunted Gold Mine

    In the editor, the ability "Blighted Gold Mine" always turns the unit with the ability into a Haunted Gold Mine. Is it possible to set the ability, or a copy of it, to a different unit? Thanks in advance! :D
  13. PRO3

    Replace Gold Mine with Haunted Gold Mine.

    Whenever i try to replace a gold mine with a haunted gold mine it creates a new gold mine next to it instead. Any workaround? (I need the possibility to replace the Haunted Gold Mine back to the Gold Mine afterwards) Unit Group - Pick every unit in (Units owned by Player) and do (Actions)...
  14. Tristex

    [Trigger] Harvesters to drop gold

    I've been working on a system to make peasants and peons drop their gold-sack upon death. It is a little bit flimsy in my opinion as there is no way to detect the moment that the harvest/resumeharvesting order is completed, still I am happy enough with what I have to consider implementing it...