gladiator arena

  1. Barbafire

    [Arena] Outerworld Arena ALPHA v.0.1

    Hello folks from all the Hive! I'm Fabiano Silva, also known as Barbafire (annoucing myself for one more time), and I'm coming here to announce my project, previously called "Gladiator Map for War3": Outerworld Arena! Project Idea (already posted here at Hive, and copied right below): I have...
  2. Barbafire

    [Arena] Gladiator Map for War3 - First Development Phase Completed

    Good evening for everyone here at Hive Workshop! I'm Fabiano Silva, also know as Barbafire, and last year I've posted my idea for a warcraft mod, that combine "Orc Gladiators" with "Legendary Gladiators" mod. Post about my idea here: [Arena] - Gladiator Map for Warcraft III - by Barbafire I...
  3. ThePanda

    My dream gladiator arena map (system)

    My dream is to make a gladiator arena map where the battle is controlled by the computer and you can choose your strategy...... like for example defence-----------<>------------attack speedattack---------<>-----------strength attack evade--------------<>-------------block speed attack...