1. Macadamia

    Trying to use wc3 TypeScript Template

    Hello there ! I am trying to use @TriggerHappy 's TypeScript template for wc3. First let me tell you that I am a complete newbie at TS, although I have already used JavaScript a while back. So like any well-behaved newbie, I have followed the quick startup guide found at...
  2. Cheezeman

    Hosting a map on GitHub - is it even possible?

    Has anyone attempted to host their map as a git repo on (example) GitHub? Some version control would be nice but I don't see how you would do it. .w3x is just a binary file so hosting that alone would be pointless. Extracting all files from .w3x using MPQMaster would let us view some of the...
  3. Cokemonkey11

    Generate a signature from your projects on git

    Hi, I just made this today. In short, it: * fetches the map preview image from a supplied list of git repositories which have your maps * resizes the previews to 128x128 and overlays a BTN or PAS border around it, depending which projects are active * uploads the results to imgur * writes a...