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  1. jonathan ross

    [SD/Modeling] Need help finishing my geomerge

    Hi I was wondering if anyone could help me finish the merging of the two units below, I've got all but the death and "stand Victory" animations to work, I would love an explanations or just some help. I could also provide the two original models i was trying to combine, if that's easier than...
  2. stein123

    Add weapon to model

    Hey! i edited the One headed ogre made by sellenisko: OgreOneHeaded, to use it as an ogre mage, i removed both weapons, and deleted some anims i won't use, the weapon i want to add him is this: Orcish Staff , so the result would be this (this is photoshop btw): If someone can do it i would be...
  3. Amigoltu

    Questions about modeling/geomerging

    Greetings everyone. I've read through a few tutorials about the basics on merging geosets of different models, as well as modeling itself. But, for example, I can take these two models: Iron Golem3 and Death Knight Arthas How does one even begin to create something like that? Is this...
  4. Thiiago

    Just an "model" of sorcerer

    I need just that picks the model of an War3 normal Sorceress, and do two things. - 1) Put the "head" of Emissary (The Human Mage, of War3, version of HE Priest priest but human.) - 2) Make the sorceress "forms" or "body" more "Male" understand? no breasts, and no female contours the body...