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  1. BigLyfe

    Multiplayer problems?

    Me and some of my friends have been trying to play Ultimabe battle for some time in multiplayer (gameranger) but it just doesn't seem to work though, the start button becomes grayed when someone enters the "server". Is it a problem or is it just normal of the map?, i couldn't find anywhere...
  2. Veus

    Founders of the north - newly created group.

    Hello there! Ever wanted to play Northrend Bound v1.68 with your friends and more people? (FOTN updated) Ever wanted to constantly socialize with those people and not wait two hours for 4-5 people? You're welcomed to our newly created discord group! We play FotN , Northrend bound , and also many...
  3. Pebble

    Best Program to host WC3 Custom Games on?

    Hello, A couple friends and I recently got back into WC3 and TFT to play some custom maps together. While trying to set this up, we came across issues that wouldn't allow us to host custom games through battle.net (mainly I couldn't portforward the needed ports because I don't have access to my...
  4. The Witch King

    i cant join or create games!!!

    hello guys. i play warcraft on gameranger. i can still join or create a room but i cant see peoples games inside warcraft 3 also people cant see my game if i hosted it. plz help me! what should i do? :((
  5. Lattanzi

    GameRanger Hacks

    Hello, I'm Brazilian and I come here to report two users of hacks: Forsaken and fahad. I only played with them twice, Forsaken had all the characters on level 50, all equipped. I have the print of a friend of mine, that's all.