1. AngelCraft

    Stack command buttons in version 1.27b, other method? (Help, Test)

    Some users told me that they could try to ask for some help on this, well as the title says, look for a way to do this in version 1.27b. It is known that said version blizzard "fixed" the option X:0 , Y: -11 using some "if's", which were used to hide a button and other negative values which are...
  2. RadimX

    [Crash] W3: Map size limit for LAN

    Hi, I am creating map to play it with my friend on LAN but when I wanted to test it on LAN message popuped saying "Map File is too big, please select other map". I was looking for the solution and found out that there is some map size limit for older versions of W3. Strange thing is that the...
  3. Kero11

    No game.dll found!

    Hello, I've recently got a problem where the World Editor cant find the game.dll and therefore not start at all... I'm pretty sure it's been like this since I installed the 1.27 patch and before that it worked fine. I would really need some help with this since I'm working on a project and...