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game crash

  1. HerlySQR

    Question about game crashed

    If I in a multiplayer game and the game crashes (thanks Reforged) it would appear the message that I had a desync in the chat? I ask this because I don't wanna look like a leaver, especially when I play Dota, because their players are very exclusive.
  2. Liquiix

    When i use this spell my game is freeze sometimes.

    How should I fix this spell? When I use this spell, it sometimes works normally, but sometimes it makes the game freeze. I tried creating a new trigger to turn off the looping trigger, but it still freezes. this skill add another skill (Spiked Carapace) to unit when have "Sanctified...
  3. tmmcv

    Testing custom map crashes the game to desktop + my solution

    As the title says I have had a problem of the custom map I was working to suddenly start crashing to the desktop when I tried to test it in the game itself. I recall something like this in the past when I gave up on developing a custom map I have spent so much time on because of an obscure bug...
  4. Andante

    Trouble changing team colors in the main campaigns

    Howdy folks! This is my first post, I apologize if I'm doing something wrong. The thing is, I really wanted to change some faction colors in the main campaigns (The Scourge of Lordaeron, Path of the Damned etc.). I'm working with 1.27a version of the game. I tried by making custom campaigns...
  5. Meatsausage

    [General] [Help] Game ends for unknown reason!

    Hello there. I experienced game crashes dropping players instantly out of game showing score screen. Sadly i just cant find any reason for this bug to happen, so i hope i can find someone who can provide me with the right information to get rid of this nightmarish problem! It occured ~3 times in...
  6. DrunkenDirt

    [Solved] Destroying or Hiding Timer Window causes game to crash

    This is a bit of a mess with a lot of potential issues, so I'll try keep it as specific as possible. I'm working on a map which begins with all players buying a hero, and a timer counting down to kick players that don't pick a hero within 45 seconds. I have two triggers working on this, one to...
  7. rb304288

    Can anybody help with a map I've been building for years?

    Hi there, I was wondering if anybody could help me with some trigger problems I've been having on a map I've been working on for a few years. I've read most of the forums about Game Caches and years ago, I used to be able to get them to work on other maps, but for some reason, these maps have...
  8. SeXyTriXyWOLF

    [Crash] creating a unit causes game to crash.. SOLVED

    Hello Hivers, I'm at the moment very confused of how this simple trigger can cause the game to crash. Nothing else should be interupting it, and if I only create 1 unit, lets say only the Tomes Shop, it won't crash, but as soon as I go on to the next unit, it crashes the game.. For some reason...
  9. RandomUser

    Losing control bug, shop owner's game disconnect

    Hi guys. Here's two problems I've been encountered during development of my map. First thing to discuss is that when the map is loaded and game is started strange thing appears here: some of the players losing their abilities to control their own units: mouse is hidden but UI-buttons are...