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gaias retaliation orpg

  1. J-B

    Six player instances (intended?)

    Hello there, I am currently on a LAN with some friends and we decided to play Gaias Retaliation ORPG. We have played the map on two different occasions before but were both times with two or three players. Now we convinced some friends to play along and our group of six went on a journey...
  2. Xande

    New here, but not really.

    It's been a long time since I played gaias. I played it when it came out. I played it a few years later. I played it when i got bored of wow for various reasons. And I got back into it about a year ago. Then just recently again. And for a while now, tho I am not too active, I still go on once in...
  3. kazenokage

    How to get collectibles?

    I cannot seem to find anything in this forum about getting collectibles ( too lazy to find ) . well, I just have one question though : WHERE THE HECK DO I FIND AND GET A FREAKING COLLECTIBLE SO THAT I CAN SAVE MY VAULT IN 1.2D2? Necromancer 42 shitty equipments sadly no souls atm
  4. Makros

    Help regarding save files

    I don't have WC3 in "My documents" as everyone else has after the patch (1.28). This became a problem now through a recent hotfix on Gaia so I can no longer -save my characters. I assume this is because it tries to save in a file on documents but there is nothing there. Some background. When...
  5. Whopsieee

    Cannot load offline(singleplayer) games in Gaias Retaliation - Critical Error

    Hello..:) I just found out Gaias retaliation and i downloaded it played offline for almost 12 hours stariaght xD this map is awesome. The next day when i loaded my saved games, It is showed crtical error. Like "The memory could not be read" :/. I tried 5 -8 maps from v1.2A to v1.2C and same...
  6. Luiz Fernando Soares Jr

    Can't save after 1.27b

    Hi gaias, well after i patched my warcraft to 1.27b, no savecodes are going to my warcraft III directory. If anyone had the same problem and solved please help me. Sorry about my english :B
  7. MossGolem

    any spanish update

    i really like this rpg but when i try to teach ppl in my server they get a fast headche for understand quest and lore so i was thinking with a spanish version should be more downloads and more type of ppl in this game..... i can maybe help with the translation..... i really hope a spanish...
  8. _lycan

    The music with the expansion pack is amazing

    Just an extra thing, since we still haven't gotten the floating islands yet, i want to suggest the music for that area: For the area outside the dungeon: For the traveling part: for the area outside the dungeon: For the first area of the dungeon: for the second area of the dungeon...