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  1. Angry Garthos.gif

    Angry Garthos.gif

    As promised here: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/media/dancing-ogre.134964/
  2. Dancing Ogre

    Dancing Ogre

    My laptop died yesterday, on a borrowed laptop now and probably lost a map project I spent over 170hrs on So I made something funny to kill the time and cheer myself up a little
  3. The route our parents took to school!

    The route our parents took to school!

  4. Let darkness guide me!

    Let darkness guide me!

  5. Tremble, Mortals, And Despair!

    Tremble, Mortals, And Despair!

  6. That's effing Illegal!

    That's effing Illegal!

  7. Jump Attack Test 2

    Jump Attack Test 2

    Some amusing footage. I haven't yet changed the jump attack trigger to include the parry itself so what you're seeing is a combination of two triggers acting separately which allow, in some cases, cool looking stuff like you getting pushed backwards far away and the boss still getting stunned.
  8. Omae Wa Mou...

    Omae Wa Mou...

    Added a few funny things to this old map xD.. I'll try better audio and effects
  9. Rykon-V73

    A very funny and stupid request

    I know I'm requesting a spell, but it's so stupid and funny, that you have to hear it. I'm requesting a spell named 'Golem Lurer' and I know there's a spell called Monster Lure, but I want this spell to attract only golems, their variations and the Infernal and its variations. The Golem Lurer is...
  10. deepstrasz

    StarCrafts Mod released!

    Basically, it's StarCraft II looking like CarbotAnimations drawings. Sorry for the lateness. I don't check my YT subscriptions too often.