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  1. cOMPARISON.png


    Should I upload him as an alternative for the HD death knight 🤔 he is already finished btw 😁
  2. The Rise of the Banshee Queen

    The Rise of the Banshee Queen

    "You crossed my path, Ranger General. From now on, you and your archers will serve me. You yourself signed the death warrant to your homeland" (С) Arthas Menethil to Sylvanas Windrunner
  3. mmljm123

    [HD/Texturing] Arthas' eyes

    Hi friends, We have the model of Arthas with Frostmourne. But I don't like his eyes personally. I remember that in Reforged beta, his eyes were similar to Arthas with hammer. So could you please change his eyes to normal human eyes like beta version? Please help me. Thank you!!
  4. Evil Arthas Mounted.gif

    Evil Arthas Mounted.gif

    Based on: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/evil-arthas-and-female-dk.324359/ https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/frostmourne.323356/ Model posted at : https://bbs.islga.org/read-htm-tid-5487340-page-1-fpage-1.html
  5. Arthas Death Knight

    Arthas Death Knight

    Prince Arthas in all his terrifying majesty, the walking version and the Invincible version
  6. BrothForMyPeople

    Arthas with Sword texture skin

    Where can I find it in casc view? I've found only 'Arthas' and 'Arthas1' files in 'textures' folder. The first one is Arthas with hammer, the second one is probably skin for 'Arthas with guitar' doodad.
  7. sagi5533

    [Campaign] Arthas Campaign - Orcs (Prologue)

    Hey guys, it has been more then 1 year since I've uploaded the Undead campaign and it takes me some time to work on the Orcs campaign.(work, study and other stuffs ) Just to let you know that I didn't forget you I've uploaded a video with the Prologue of the campaign so you guys could watch it...
  8. Tanni

    Frostmourne Weapon Attachment

    Hello, simply put I just want a Frostmourne weapon as an attachment, for the right hand. Thank you. Edit: okay i made one myself. sorry for flooding the hive with tons of these requests which ultimately lead to me solving them myself
  9. EhrGhoul

    Death Knight Muradin

    I need a mountain king with some changes: 1. His armor must have a texture of the death knight's one. 2. He must have a pale face and a gray beard. 3. He must hold in his left hand an axe with the textures of death knight's armor, and in his right hand he must hold Frostormorn.
  10. ForgottenNightmare

    A New Story

    Okay. Right now I am going to be frankly honest. I have had a rather unique idea for a few campaigns to do. All I ask is for willing participants to help me make this a successful piece of work. Aid Request - Models : I will try to find some good models for the campaign and will definitely ask...