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  1. Sapprine

    [Solved] Free Photoshop Service Request Thread

    Hello, I'm Quinten and I am super bored waiting for new World of Warcraft content. I'm doing a college course on Grahpic Design and I just love photoshopping in my free time, but never have inspiration. That's why I am offering free unlimited photoshop requests to anyone, right here on Hive...
  2. Battle for Darkshore - Cover

    Battle for Darkshore - Cover

    The cover for my "Battle for Darkshore" reforged single-player scenario map. (Expected map release date: 09-04-21)
  3. Levi Ackerman

    How to make a 2D preview for a model

    Hi,As you know there is a preview for every model when you click on it.Its in down-left of the game. It will show you the model from a specified look. I saw in many maps... 3D preview is replaced with a 2D picture of that model.I want to know how to make that for a model. Here is a example:
  4. Zephyrius2412

    Icons for Ujimasa Hojo's models

    Have you downloaded awesome models of Ujimasa Hojo ? Are you disappointed by the lack of icons ? I created that you need for your project(s), but I don't finished the work, I continue to share reguliary new icons in the folder. The icons are free but credit me if you use ! The link...
  5. mohamy

    [Trigger] For Delay Crush

    Hello guys i want you report a crush in my map when use ((for)) action and i want to a delay between ((for)) count i use wait for example 1 seconds but it's crush and only one time the action is run and other ones break. why? can answer me?
  6. Krakenn99

    The most amazing model... with missing textures

    Hello everyone. I have found an amazing model, it's ''Viking'' from Starcraft2. The thing is I exported the model and the textures I found for it from a map, but some of the textures are missing. My question is if I can somehow replace them ,remake them or just use the model without them? For...
  7. Kazeon

    Ultimate Map Development Guide - Boost up your development process!

    I. Intro Hi and welcome! Just a brief resumé, I (in the modding scene) am a big enthusiast of total-conversion maps. I'm also experienced in developing some big total-conversion map projects such as Garden's Tale, Glideon, Coconut Party, and EmberCraft. This thread is a one-stop solution for...