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footmen vs grunts

  1. Jaccouille

    Making a Derived version of Footmen Vs Grunts

    I like the Footmen vs Grunts map, however I disagree with some design choices, I would to add more heroes/Units, modes, mechanics, creep, I don't really know exactly right now. I started recoding it from scratch in Wurst, making this thread to fetch some ideas. Asked on the wTc discord if I...
  2. millzy

    [Footmen Wars / Frenzy] Footmen Vs Grunts Elite

    Footmen Vs Grunts Elite introduction Footmen Vs Grunts is a old map originally created by newbie-wc3. With many different versions of it being released i decided to create my own with the intent for it to be 1 of the most balanced in the past my version was quite successful and very popular...
  3. wTc[JediMaster]

    Help wTc with Hero Push & Footmen vs Grunts

    Hero Push, Made by Hartog and was last updated by wTc[Dragon]. Last version "Hero Push 3.3" Would be good if you're atleast semi active on BNet so that you can join the Clan ingame and play with us and get feedback and sugestions in real time. So for Hero Push I would need someone that are...