1. Abelhawk

    Does anyone have access to any of Warcraft 2's fonts?

    I'm working on a project and was wondering if anyone knew what font Warcraft 2 uses for its UI, the maps, the subtitles on interludes, etc. Anything would be useful for me at this point. I can't access any TTF fonts in the MPQ, so even just lookalikes would be nice. I can't seem to find anything...
  2. TheFireMage

    [General] Text in WE

    Hello there, I'm here because I want to do a few things about the texts in WE and how they appear in-game Solved/Unsolved/Cannot be solved 1) Does anyone know how to make texts appear bold and italic in-game? What's the thing for that? 2) How to change fonts for the texts? 3) Ever since I saw...
  3. daverave1212

    What do you think about my colorizer tool?

    Hello Last night I made this cute little project when I couldn't sleep. I felt the need for one that works like this because I haven't found one that uses only the keyboard and that is easy to use. To make a portion of the text a certain...
  4. BLazeKraze

    Warcraft Loading Screen Font.

    Hey what's up guys! Just asking, I don't know if this is the right section but I wonder what kind of font is used for this loading screen?
  5. Adorm

    Which Font does the World Editor for Warcraft 3 Use?

    Hey Guys, Title is self-explanatory I'm hoping, but the font I'm specifically talking about here is the one used by the editor when writing Trigger Comments and such. Just curious what the Font itself is, hoping to use it in Word when I write as I really like it for some primordial reason...