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flame strike

  1. Anton Wulff Jensen

    Help! I want to make a trigger that banishes heroes, and causes flame-strikes beneath the ethereal target periodically

    So I am currently making a large dungeon crawl map, and I am currently designing a new enemy type; a ghost which banishes heroes and causes flame-strikes to erupt beneath them every second for 8 seconds. This isn't a boss unit, so I don't want to make triggers for one specific unit either. It...
  2. Macadamia

    [Spell] Ultimate version of FlameStrike does not damage magic immune.

    Hello there ! I just finished making the last Ultimate AOE for my Flying Hero Builder. It is based on Flame Strike, with a custom "enhanced" model. It has the same targets allowed as all my other custom ultimates, and the same Level Required : 6. But for some reason, this one refuses to damage...
  3. Anton Wulff Jensen

    Cast a spell (fx Flame Strike) on unit or in region?

    Hi there! Quite new here, but I've been working on a map for a while, and currently trying to make a spell for a custom boss fight. Basically I want to trigger a Flame Strike underneath the boss unit every 3 seconds. So what I wanna know is, how do I create a trigger, that conjures a flame...
  4. Cryze666

    [Spell] Flamestrike color? -> need help!

    So the basic idea was to create a green flamestrike version to fit the "fel-magic" theme. i exportet the model of flamestrike, looked up the textures its using, exported the textures and changed everythign to green, changed the paths of the green flamestrike to the green textures (see first...
  5. Rykon-V73

    Help with Meteor

    I gave the Fleshdevourer the Meteor ability. It's like Infernal, but after the impact, a flame strike appears, dealing extra damage to enemies, structures and heroes. I really don't know the action. I did the rest just fine.