1. Ricola3D

    [Spell] Critical strike: what does "WESTRING_AEVAL_OCR6" field?

    Hello, In my editor I see a boolean field named "WESTRING_AEVAL_OCR6" for the ability "Critical Strike" [AOcr], just between the "Never miss" and "Buff" fields. Somebody can tell me what it does please ? I googled it but no results...
  2. loktar

    Camera Field icons

    I just uploaded a new version of Importless Model Viewer (map) which includes a camera control interface. Right now I'm using these icons: Which are edited from this one and this one. They're for: Field of View Position XPosition YHeight Offset (Z)Distance Rotation (XY)Angle of Attack...
  3. SharSash

    Energy Field Reshape

    Hi! The title says most of it. So what i want is to make Doodads\Cinematic\EnergyField\EnergyField from the square as it is to a perfect circle shape. Looking for soulutions. I manage to increase Emisson Rate and Speed in War 3ModelEditor to make model more visible. So I want this: become...