1. Hive Ralle IRL

    Hive Ralle IRL

    Mixed the face of Ralle with his moose icon
  2. Tigrick

    Fix weird normals for me plz

    Hello everyone, the normals on the face of this model are odd, resulting in weird lighting: Can someone quickly fix this? Maybe sb with access to a tool that can automatically recalculate normals. Thanks in advance, +rep promised!
  3. Less Armored Footman

    Less Armored Footman

    I never thought that the Footman's model will look fine without most of its Armor.
  4. hardcure

    Casting ability but facing wrong...

    I made a ground-target ability(Shockwave,Envision) and make a trigger with it.... Everytime i cast it, a bullet will come out and shoot. But the problem is when casting behind my unit-facing , the attack animation is already performed while the rotating(angle,direction) process is still...
  5. Furry Nova

    Sephiroth Icon

    I've recently downloaded this Sephiroth Model. However, I've had no luck searching for any facial icons to use for it and I'm not good at digitally drawing characters or gradient coloring. I spent a few hours trying to draw one but didn't turn out well. I'm not looking for something high in...