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  1. coconut

    [Solved] How to extract original icons of items

    I need to extract some icons for editing, but I don't know how, I didn't find any .mpq files, Im playing wc3 reforged. Or somewhere there is a library with all icons?
  2. Pyroxian999

    I need help

    I want to extract a model of warcraft 3 frozen throne (the model, the animations, the rigs, etc). So far I have only been able to extract the model but not the rest [I want to pass everything that I mentioned to Blender and also to my PC], if anyone knows how I would appreciate it a lot
  3. douteigami

    Help on extracting war3map.w3e?

    I can find all sorts of info on the structure within the w3e for tileset information, but I can't find anything on how to extract the w3e file itself. Is there a tool for this? I'm wanting to convert some wc3 maps into something that i can use for age of empires 2, and also possibly i'll...
  4. Teitan

    Can someone please extract the Ritual Dagger Caster special effect for me?

    With classic broken and my map dead, i decided to uninstall and re-install the game from my old cd, now i have working warcraft 3 again but i need the ritual dagger healing special effect for a spell on my map, i knew how to extract stuff from the mpq before but with the new CASC thing i'm...
  5. Ricola3D

    How do I get the lists of type ids (units, items, abilities, ...) ?

    Hello, I'd like to get the complete list of defaults types per classification: - Units - Items - Destructibles - Doodads - Abilities - Buff/effects - Upgrades I saw this old topic, part of what I need is here, but it is old and the method to get it is not described :( Can somebody explain me...
  6. deepstrasz

    The Frozen Throne menu sea creature

    0:50-> (a little to the left from the Quit button). Can someone please extract that model and make a doodad out of it with its animations? If not, at least do you know any similar models? Thanks.