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  1. S

    [Aeon of Strife] FORUM DT

    Author's notes: Hi everyone. This is a beta release of the map and there are still yet many updates to come. There are many things untested, but working "on paper". I'd appreciate feedback on all systems, as some are unfinished. AI isn't working yet but rest assured it will be added! ^_^ Map...
  2. TheSilverhand

    Random Events

    So I am working on my own melee map that is altered. The map has ingame commands for: -setname, -colorme *Color*, -close cam | -normal cam | -far cam. The map has: customized Heroes The map has: Randomized triggers that happen at the start of a round. -- IF anyone would help me come up with...

    [Solved] Can't link "Unit - Issues" Actions

    Hi ! I want specific peasants to harvest lumber from specific trees after they repair some farms. I know how to create the "Unit - Issue Order Targeting A Unit" and "Unit - Issue Targeting A Destructible" Actions but whether I try "Wait For Condition" or "If-Then-Else" Actions I can't seem to...
  4. ArieZ13th

    CreateTrigger() srecific

    Good day! I try to Create Trigger in middle of game but it does not work( I use global variable and function not in librarry (function of action). But it does not helf. How can i create a new trigger in the middle of game? My code: udg_t[1] = CreateTrigger()...