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  1. Yahya

    Question about editing weather effects

    Can you change the weather effects in Reforged yet? Can for example I make a sandstorm across the map in high quality? Can I make rain look much more realistic and increase it? Does anyone have any examples or tutorials or videos of this?
  2. Ricola3D

    Reworking a boss phase: need ideas & co-developers

    Hello, First of all, my project, Xnd Hero Siege is the work of the famous map serie X Hero Siege made by Sogat. I somehow got an editable version of X Hero Siege 3.33, fixed some bugs and added a few features. More details in the projet page here: Xnd Hero Siege 1.0. The first version of the...
  3. stonneash

    Yellow Stone Survival Terrain Showcase

    256 x 256 map based on Yellowstone National Park Yellow Stone Survival Superthread: [Defense / Survival] - Open Source Project: Troll Wilderness World