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enter region

  1. HerlySQR

    [Lua] Trigger with enter region event doesn't work

    I made a system to store the color of the unit (the actual, not the color of the player) and it should have a trigger for the units those apear in the map (and th user pre-placed in the editor), but it doesn't do anything, what's wrong? do --This library is to store the actual color of a...
  2. Macadamia

    Lua : ENTERING REGION firing multiple times for same unit.

    Hello there. Still working on converting my map from Jass2 to Lua, and I am currently experiencing a strange difference of behavior between Jass2 and Lua. The attacking creeps (Balls) in my TD follow a path of 8 WayPoints. These WayPoints are destructables with a model displaying their...
  3. Veronnis

    [Solved] Possible to Reference Region / Rect Name?

    Hello, I'm just curious if anyone happens to know if you can reference a region or rects name, for an example purpose like such: Event: Unit enters region Action: Play Sound Array [(Substring 1,1 of region/rect entered)]