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  1. Archer Self-Propelled AT Gun

    Archer Self-Propelled AT Gun

  2. The Nightmare Book

    [Campaign] Call of the Swarm

    Call of the Swarm Overview "Campaign inspired by the official Blizzard Entertainment campaign - Founding of Durotar. Missions are presented in the form of "acts" and "subzones". At the moment, Act 1 is ready." Patch Issues: Story The story dates back to the creation of a single Black...
  3. Ahega0

    Need Help (Lenguage Map Editor=

    How can I add a language modifier for when someone opens wc3 Spanish, the map has Spanish language and when I open wc3 English, the map is in English. I am creating maps with custom units and items and I want to put descriptions of both languages, but that only show according to the language of...
  4. fungod2

    Yet untitled Godzilla Tribute.

    Few simple things i am not a professional in any respect i have taken some classes and went to collage for awhile for game design i can hardly C++ my way out of a box! but i am a man on a mission. The idea a map akin to other tributes like DBZ Ultimate & Tribute/FMA/Bleach so on that pay homage...
  5. English Machine Gunner

    English Machine Gunner

    A remake of the Wheeled machine gun, using the Lewis Gun instead of the Puleymot, to follow historical accuracy. Credits to HerrDave for base models and fixing some issues with it.