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  1. CollectorofStoriesUntold

    [Altered Melee] Custom Race: The Eternal Dynasty

    -Custom Race: The Eternal Dynasty- This is an undead custom race that was inspired by Tomb kings from WarHammer Fantasy, Age of Mythology and the Protoss from Starcraft. It's almost done but I need help with stress testing for balancing issues. I’ve done some of my own testing but I feel that...
  2. u wot m8_

    [SD/Modeling] Bronze Age Chariots Models Request

    So i've been using models from this website for a while now, and i am working on a map that requires a bronze age chariot. It can be any bronze age chariot, be it egyptian or mesopotamian. I need 2 chariot models: one with a spear for a melee heavy chariot and one with a bow for a ranged chariot...
  3. Fez Infantry

    Fez Infantry

    An riflemen in a fez and curly shoes. Texture choices aren't great but I'm trying to keep it on the same texture sheet as the other infantry I'm working on. Might try and add some tassels or a dagger or something.