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  1. jonathan ross

    [SD/Modeling] Help either rotating particle effect or making a similar one

    Was hoping someone could either rotate this model so that instead of going up one version goes down and the other goes horizontally toward the screen in z axis, or they can make a similar model, suppose to be for a plague firebat kind of unit. Also if someone wants to explain how i can do it...
  2. Kadel

    [Solved] Create Teleportation Effect on Created Unit

    I am creating a bunch of units in the region. When they are created, I need to appear them with the "Teleportation" Effect, like they were teleported into this region. I tried to do it like this: I created units in the region with Unit-Create, then I used "Unit Group - Pick every Unit in...
  3. Dispatcher

    Changing the Weather or Environment in my map

    Can anyone pls show me how to change the weather in my map possible that you would have to use triggers and can someone pls send the triggers of changing weather effects?
  4. urachi

    [Import] Reforged - Channels and effects of audio files

    Can someone link or make a tutorial about those channels and effects you can choose for the audio files inside the W Editor? Some files get affected more than others and are not played correctly in game. Please help and clarify There are channels like: General, Music, Cinematic General There...
  5. CodeBlack

    [Trigger] Unit selection Marker

    Hey Guys, Me again with a trigger problem... I try to create a trigger that marks Slots (units) around the selected one, to show the player wich buildings would be affected by the currently selected one. My version works fine when you select a single slot, but it bugs out and leaves behind...
  6. carcanosc

    [Spell] flame effect around buildings

    Hello I want to put the effect flame (sequence video which we can to find in the complements palette) as this video from a youtuber who don't reply comments and don't tell us how he does. These are the links I also want to know how I have to put the effect on buildings Besides I want to...
  7. troylowyee

    Giving out Sounds i designed while i was free

    Pretty new to synths and learnt how to use it on my own free time but heres some sounds i have that im sharing please tell me if you're gonna use it and give comments if they are good or bad. If you want any sound effects feel free to ask me and I'll try my best to help you. Also please please...