1. Three Spirits of Brewmaster from my Dota project

    Three Spirits of Brewmaster from my Dota project

    Storm, Fire and Earth Spirits.
  2. Kemayo

    Storm, Earth and Fire units

    Hi there! I would need someone to make unit models of the Storm, Earth and Fire Reforged models, both the lvl6 and lvl8 ones. Meaning to remove their hero glow and add death animations. Many thanks in advance!
  3. Barorque

    Storm, Earth and Fire - Summoner not dying

    As the title suggests, my custom Storm, Earth and Fire based ability produces a unit, when it dies, so should the hero... but instead the hero appears as a non-targetable unit, that attacks enemies as if he would be alive (hero icon shows him dead though). When said hero runs out of targets to...
  4. Kakorin(KvS)

    Simple Request - Earth Panda Hat

    Hi :), i was playing warcraft iii, and i looked into the earth panda ( brewmaster ultimate ) icon, this panda has a hat!. please a hat for this panda :(. I don't think somebody can help me in this, but thanks for reading this. :)
  5. FlameofChange

    [Altered Melee] Age of Humanity (AoE like map)

    Hello there, and welcome to the main topic of my map Age of Humanity. It's a constant WiP map still in a prototypical state but fully playable and functional. Age of Humanity can be defined as a tribute to all of the Age of Empires-like games : Age of Empires, Empire Earth, Age of...