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  1. UHSFA: The Alliance

    UHSFA: The Alliance

  2. Wildhammer - Tech-tree

    Wildhammer - Tech-tree

  3. Techtree - Bronzebeard

    Techtree - Bronzebeard

  4. Ohmvoid

    [SD/Modeling] LOTR Dwarven models

    Hello lovely comunity, for our lotr map we'd need models for the dwarves, ( buildings mainly) i can put link for bfme2 buildings pics so u may have an idea of what we're looking for : Battle for Middle Earth 2 Heaven: Dwarven Buildings idk what it would take, in terms of money but we can...
  5. Dwarven Race For "Age Of Warcraft"

    Dwarven Race For "Age Of Warcraft"

    A unit roster for our project "Age of Warcraft". This is just a sample. We will upload detailed unit roster when we create the page of our project in hive.
  6. Wildhammer Clan

    Wildhammer Clan

    the Mighty Dwarves of Aerie Peak are always at the ready.
  7. Joaking

    Need some Dwarf/Gnome Reforged Turret models :)

    Hi everyone, I'm working on a map with some Disciplish 2 mechanics and I need a Reforged Turret model for one of my Hero abilities, all help is welcomed :) thanks! ps: happy new year!
  8. The Old Guests

    The Old Guests

    When you wish it had been the Ironfist at your door instead.
  9. Arkain Underground Industries

    Arkain Underground Industries

    No one knows what drives the dwarves to their conclusions. Some say it's ale, others, the lack of light, some say greed... Whatever the causes, the results are always controversial.
  10. bobadoo2

    Who is a fan of 2 Player Co-op? (heres my custom maps)

    While everyone is playing Fortnite my brother and I are still Warcraft III'n instead:D Who is a fan of 2 player co-op? Who still plays with their best friend or with family members? I have found I rather play co-op with headsets vs the computer, cause the computer never leaves the game on us...
  11. Council Of Three Hammers

    Council Of Three Hammers

  12. 08. Dark Iron Clan - 1

    08. Dark Iron Clan - 1

  13. 08. Dark Iron Clan - 2

    08. Dark Iron Clan - 2

  14. 08. Dark Iron Clan - 3

    08. Dark Iron Clan - 3

  15. 08. Dark Iron Clan - 4

    08. Dark Iron Clan - 4

  16. 08. Dark Iron Clan - 5

    08. Dark Iron Clan - 5

  17. 02. Kingdom of Ironforge - 1

    02. Kingdom of Ironforge - 1

  18. 02. Kingdom of Ironforge - 2

    02. Kingdom of Ironforge - 2

  19. 02. Kingdom of Ironforge - 3

    02. Kingdom of Ironforge - 3

  20. 02. Kingdom of Ironforge - 4

    02. Kingdom of Ironforge - 4

  21. 02. Kingdom of Ironforge - 5

    02. Kingdom of Ironforge - 5

  22. Standhaft

    [Campaign] AU Alliance Campaign G2

    Update 16 January 2020 With the impending release of Warcraft 3 Reforged, I am pretty interested in re-commencing this project. However, the beta editor isn't sufficiently complete to use and I don't want to use the classic tools at this time so I am pretty much just waiting for the official...
  23. AquaFire

    What started the "Dwarven Engineer" Shtick?

    Hello everyone, I have been roleplaying for fun with several friends and I often have a fun time doing so; however, I get disappointed when fellow roleplayers would start using overused fantasy tropes such as: -Antagonization of Orcs/Goblins/Trolls -Glorification of Elves and Elven Society...
  24. Skipper

    [Campaign] Tales from the Old Inn

    Tales from the Old Inn Is a campaign about three dwarves that met up and talk about old times, what could possibly go wrong? Backstory Our story is based in a land called Tuonela, where the winds are cold and the dawn is rare. There are no major factions. There are no wars between kingdoms...
  25. Zektr

    [Campaign] Run Wild the Sky

    Run Wild the Sky Overview Like all the dwarves, Wildhammers are descendants of the earthen. We can call them feral and untamed, but these great warriors can mean big threat for every enemy. With their best friends, tamed noble gryphons, Wildhammer dwarves are true lords of the sky, along with...