drop items

  1. bruunk

    [Solved] Difficulty understanding loop + random integers

    Hi, I want to make a simple drop system where every time a unit dies there is a small chance to get 1 of many items at random. The items will be non-recurring (only drop once per game). I don't want them to drop in a linear format, and I think that's what I'm having the most trouble...
  2. Captain Bacon

    [Solved] Trigger Request: Item drop system with Item generation.

    Hello everyone! So, my triggering skills are limited. I'm always stuck on triggers for hours because i just know some GUI. Some people recently told me about NewBonus and how it could help me with what I need, but I thought I'd try here before sinking days into trying to make this work and then...
  3. starter_e

    Unit_DropItems function script error

    Trying to get an old 1.26 JNGP map to save in the 1.30 WE. Replaced the common.j in the map(using MPQ master) with the 1.30 one (obtained using CASC viewer). Fixed some globals errors, disabled triggers containing SharpMake functions(to be replaced with the new 1.30 natives). Now I get only one...
  4. Adorm

    [Solved] Hero Not Dropping Inventory Upon Death

    Hey Everyone, I'm currently having an issue where the items picked up by the heroes in my map are not dropping from their inventories upon death - the items are necessary for a victory condition and need to be transferred between characters as they're killed and really shouldn't have...