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  1. Kakorin(KvS)

    [Defense / Survival] Dreadlord Hero Defense

    Hello dear HIVE, this is my first try at a Castle Defense, the map's called Defensa de la Ciudadela / Defense of the Citadel as a WIP name bc i tried to create a simple castle defense to play with my brother, the map is currently in spanish and was made in 1.27b version, I do have Reforged but I...
  2. UHSFA: The Burning Legion

    UHSFA: The Burning Legion

  3. "BE_Armor" texture from BE menu screen

    "BE_Armor" texture from BE menu screen

    Obviously notice the weird Dreadlord face - it's neither from the regular nor campaign Dreadlord model
  4. Ornasion the Destroyer from Legends of Arkain

    Ornasion the Destroyer from Legends of Arkain

    A fanart of my favorite demon from legends of Arkain.
  5. Fat Dread Lord

    Fat Dread Lord

    No comments XD
  6. Varimathras(Portrait)


    Portrait of a dreadlord. Changed the camera position, also added teeth and fangs. They can be seen when the demon opens his mouth during a response to a command or dialogue scenes
  7. Varimathras(Complete)


    The final version of Varimathras. Replaced wings and changed hands
  8. Devious Dread Lord/Varimathras(Back)

    Devious Dread Lord/Varimathras(Back)

    Back view, "stitches" removed Redesign of the original Dreadlord based on Warcraft Reforged and concept-art. Within the style of the classics.
  9. Devious Dread Lord/Varimathras

    Devious Dread Lord/Varimathras

    Redesign of the original Dreadlord based on Warcraft Reforged and concept-art. Within the style of the classics.
  10. Sxar

    Short Story for a custom campaign

    This is a three map based campaign about a mage apprentice of Dalaran during the Rein of Chaos events. She awakes as undead minion of a Dread Lord. He explains her that he is in cold war against his brothers for the land they have conquested. Balnazzar got the biggest piece of the cake but he...
  11. Championfighter25

    Flaws of Arkain

    We needed a ''hate'' thread sooner or later anyway, didn't we? :p Anyway, the point of this thread is to post what you find as bad, flawed, unfitting and stupid with the Arkain series and post it here. Also, though you may get this idea, this really isn't a hate thread. So it is adviced if you...
  12. Dreadlord


    Simple texture edit. (Private use)
  13. Tichondrius


  14. BossGengar

    W.I.P Skeletal Dreadlord

    Hey, so I read an article found here that had a list of models that were not created yet. I decided to go with the dread lord since I thought it sounded the coolest. Anyway, I haven't made a model before, so I do not know how to properly wrap something (yet). All I have done at the moment is...