doodad custom

  1. Nevanii

    Doodad cannot be placed

    So I've tried making a custom doodad. Downloaded a model from this forum (it doesn't matter which one, as no model i've tried works), imported it and did all necessary. The model itself appears in the editor when I try to place it, however I can't place it! it glows red like there's no room to...
  2. Henry_AC

    [General] Doodads Variation Issue (Imported Models)

    Hello everyone, I downloaded some plant models and I wanted to use them as a single model with variations, (for example, the standard model of flowers or bushes that have variations), so searching I found this link: doodads variations, where it explains the process and more or less guided me...
  3. TheJassy

    [HD/Modeling] Amani Doodads

    Hello and good day, I'm looking for Reforged Amani / Troll doodads. Are there any since I can't seem to find them. :cry:
  4. Custom Environment

    Custom Environment

  5. Marcus777

    Need advise on how to import this "doodad"?

    Hey everyone! I am having trouble figuring out how to download "Room boss arena" (attached to this post) doodad/terrain. I downloaded it into asset manager and erased "war3mapImported/" as I was told by the post where I downloaded this doodad from, but I am missing something. ALl I get for now...