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  1. Retera

    Do you ever have a moment when you realize it's all gone to crap

    As a technologist, at some points I started trying to get control over my data so that it's not always leaked to big tech companies and that the technology serves my behalf instead of theirs. But sometimes I feel like that harder I try -- and the more that I learn as a result -- the farther I...
  2. ActionGorilla

    Custom Gaming Discord

    Hey all, I recently started back to Warcraft 3 and Starcraft 2 and found it was difficult to start a lot of older custom maps due to limited visibility and community, so I decided to start one up myself. A brief description is below. We would love to have additional members! We are an active...
  3. Setokaiva

    LFP - Tomb of Jarahcon RPG (w/ Discord!)

    I'm looking for some people to play ToJ (Tomb of Jarahcon) with. For those of you who don't know, Tomb of Jarahcon is an RPG developed by Xenoche, then edited after by LotK. It's a hack-and-slash styled action-adventure RPG for up to 6 players, spanning a number of "stages" which must be...
  4. Veus

    Founders of the north - newly created group.

    Hello there! Ever wanted to play Northrend Bound v1.68 with your friends and more people? (FOTN updated) Ever wanted to constantly socialize with those people and not wait two hours for 4-5 people? You're welcomed to our newly created discord group! We play FotN , Northrend bound , and also many...
  5. FlameofChange

    Ghostofpast's Beta-test Cell (repost)

    Oy buddies, I'm ghost', a Mapmaker who created some RTS projects. I'm searching some peeps to help me beta-testing my maps such as : - The war of worlds (a big altered melee game with different playable worlds) - Age of humanity (A great mix of AoE like with a hybrid gameplay) I created a...
  6. khj

    Gaia's Retaliation official Discord channel.

    Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers If you're looking for a party, if you want to get answers to your questions as soon as possible or if you just want to chat about Gaia's Retaliation or any other map, feel free to come by. We will be glad to see everybody here. Also, if you have...
  7. Alethos

    Mapmakers Discord - WC3 Maporium

    Hey I know the Hive has a discord but it's more for fun map events and general custom game playing. I wanted to make a non-Hive affiliated discord its geared for mapmakers from everywhere in the WC3 scene and for the general populace (as testers) for the exclusive purpose of organizing and...
  8. ThePhail

    Discord for mappers

    Hello! I'm ThePhail. I write on behalf of Sc2mapster.com. I'm not sure if this is the right subforum to post this in, but here I ho anyway. I've created a discord server for people who comes to sc2mapster. But we've agreed that everyone should be welcome to come and discuss everything related...