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  1. Nazujin

    Need a partner for my Project!

    Hello, I'm looking for someone to help me in my digimon world project. help with object editor, triggers, tests and other stuff. What is the project: An ORPG based on digimon world 1, 2 and 3 from playstation. Basically you choose 1 starter digimon from 7 ( guilmon, terriermon, renamon...
  2. Nazujin

    Volcamon Model

    Hello, Could someone help me finding a Volcamon model, or some unit that looks like it (I can try to reskin it) here is a image of Volcamon.
  3. xknight9x

    Duel of Fury (Digimon Aos)

    Hi guys, Decided to post my current project here. It's all about Digimon. Thanks for the abundant resources here and I will give credits accordingly. Do checkout my video pertaining the project: and please subscribe tooo ;). One of the heroes p/s: I think there is no...
  4. Arethnia

    Request Digimon Models

    hi, i try obj to mdx but i couldn't. i make digimon rpg game but solo cuz my map 26mb+ now, but i guarantee my map is very awesome. Please someone convert this obj models to mdx, i need just mdx models i know copy animate mdx to mdx. Thank you...