diablo iii warcraft screenshots

  1. CloudWolf

    New Skins and Terrain

    Heres a few screenshot of the new HI-RES terrain skins and doodads in action :D They really help enhance the graphics ;)
  2. CloudWolf

    v1.18 Dungeon Terrain

    Thanks to dansaDisco's fantastic skins, we've managed to make our dungeon terrain even better!
  3. CloudWolf

    Thousand Pounder Terrain

    While redoing some of the bosses, i also decided to redo several of the boss rooms to make sure theyre as epic as can be :D
  4. CloudWolf

    Check out our new bridges :D

    I finally found those chain models i was looking for :D
  5. CloudWolf

    v1.18 New Terrain

    Just to prove that we've been busy, heres a couple of screenshots from version 1.18 which is currently in production ;)