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  1. TehSDragon

    Trying to trigger a delayed falling projectile but it's not working quite as intended

    Good people of the Hive, I am once again asking for your support. First off, the situation: I'm trying to create a spell that summons a falling meteor that lands in target location, dealing damage. I figured, hey, I could base this off of the summon Infernal spell, just need to set the Stun...
  2. Anglo Warior

    My Two Cents On Reforged (Should It Have Been Delayed?)

    I had an inkling that the whole "Classic and Reforged will be compatible" think was false from the start. I figured that at some point classic would no longer exist. But to rid us of classic when the release is so... how do I put this politely... Lackluster? I gonna go with lackluster. Custom...
  3. Sleepless

    Shop Access Delay

    When approaching a shop, there's somewhere between 1-2 seconds delay before you can actually purchase anything from it. I want to know if there is a way of fixing this delay. I tried searching in Gameplay Constants with no result. Any1?
  4. Togark

    Delayed damage ability Help

    Hello there, Like the title says I'm working on making a custom ability and I've run into a bit of a hiccup. How I want the ability to work: You cast a targeted spell, after 5 seconds or so, enemy units (of the caster) in an area around the targeted unit takes an amount of damage. Current...
  5. mohamy

    [Trigger] For Delay Crush

    Hello guys i want you report a crush in my map when use ((for)) action and i want to a delay between ((for)) count i use wait for example 1 seconds but it's crush and only one time the action is run and other ones break. why? can answer me?