death knight

  1. Death Knight Arthas

    Death Knight Arthas

    Kwaliti's Arthas + Stefan K.'s DK Arthas's mount + Asssvis's Arthas hair XD
  2. Death Knight Mounted

    Death Knight Mounted

    Stefan K.'s death knight model + Proxy's Lady Blaumex's deathcharged mount and animations
  3. Teron Gorefiend

    Teron Gorefiend

  4. BTNAnimateAlly.png


    Raise Ally
  5. EnigmaX

    [Gallery/Unfinished] Arthas - Death Knight

    Polygons with- LQ skulls: 2620 HQ skulls: 3040 created by EnigmaX Project due date: 7/10/21 ~ Thanks for watching. [Gallery/Unfinished] Arthas - Maw Wanderer & Maw Escaper
  6. Baron Titus Rivendare.gif

    Baron Titus Rivendare.gif

    Baron Titus Rivendare
  7. Highlord Mograine.gif

    Highlord Mograine.gif

    Highlord Mograine
  8. Sir Zeliek.gif

    Sir Zeliek.gif

    Sir Zeliek
  9. Evil Arthas Mounted 2.gif

    Evil Arthas Mounted 2.gif

    Based on: Model posted at :
  10. Evil Arthas Mounted.gif

    Evil Arthas Mounted.gif

    Based on: Model posted at :
  11. Arthas Death Knight

    Arthas Death Knight

    Prince Arthas in all his terrifying majesty, the walking version and the Invincible version
  12. Deathlord


  13. Dk Reforged

    Dk Reforged

    Reforged Version with fully reforged Wow items
  14. Yoga WP

    [HD/Modeling] Faction Requests for Ujimasa Hojo's Attack of the Multiverse Projects

    Now, I should move the lists into a resource discussion thread for the new factions of Attack of the Multiverse. I should started a new thread than posting them on it because I don't want to be rude. The new Paladin factions which only for the Undead and Night Elves skins. Undead race is Holy...
  15. Guillimans

    Reforged: Death Knight Model

    Hey folks as the title suggests; I wish to put in the request for an alternative Death Knight model that is as clean shaven as Arthas with some minor cloak/armour/mount/weapon tweaks to differentiate. As the current ones are all Uther wannabes (I love Uther but I also love variety).
  16. Teron'Gor / Teron Gorefiend

    Teron'Gor / Teron Gorefiend

    Teron'Gor model : Bagysta Teron Gorefiend : Tamplier777
  17. Frederik

    New Alternate Models, how to use em?

    I'm really interested in using the new Kul'Tiras Jaina & Female Death Knight for my hero map, but i can't seem to get the object editor to select the skins (it's not available in the Art - Model File menu). And was hoping someone in this forum could help me. It's possible to get it through the...
  18. BrothForMyPeople

    Arthas with Sword texture skin

    Where can I find it in casc view? I've found only 'Arthas' and 'Arthas1' files in 'textures' folder. The first one is Arthas with hammer, the second one is probably skin for 'Arthas with guitar' doodad.
  19. Skeleton Death Knight

    Skeleton Death Knight

  20. titans_zealot

    A possible new character in WoW that I made up

    Hi sorry I am writing this off the top of my head instantly because I just woke up and to me and during my dream this seems really cool, and maybe not the best character build up/character creation , I think it's alright. I also understand that there are many mistakes/uninteresting points...
  21. Dord96

    Special Units

    can some one plaess make special units models for some of the races based on WOW such as blood knights, death knights, paladins, priests of elune, shadow priests and if anyone heve more ideas plaess shere them it will benefit every one p.s. can some one plaess make a footman skin with the...
  22. EhrGhoul

    Death Knight Muradin

    I need a mountain king with some changes: 1. His armor must have a texture of the death knight's one. 2. He must have a pale face and a gray beard. 3. He must hold in his left hand an axe with the textures of death knight's armor, and in his right hand he must hold Frostormorn.