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  1. NChief

    Custom textures, what did I overlook?

    Greetings! I am lurking around and has been a big, unregistered fan of the forums for years. Today I decided to finally join because I just can't find a clear enough solution for my problem. I am trying to get into modding without any deep understanding or knowledge of the required softwares. I...
  2. BradPittlord

    Couple Questions

    1. For bribes damage engine, it's faster if you combine all your triggers into one with the GDD_Damage_event. Does the same concept apply to other triggers? Say combining all your, "a unit is sold" or "periodic Event .03 sec" along with the many other events to reduce lag? 2...
  3. Spellbound

    [General] PDD or DamagePackage

    Not sure where this is supposed to go, so @ mods, sorry if I'm giving you additional work :P So I'm in the process of choosing a DDS for a project and I see there are two vJASS ones: PDD and DamagePackage. If you are at all familiar with either of these resources, which one do you use and why...