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data editor

  1. TheFireMage

    [General] Data Reference

    Hello there, I thank you in advance for reading this thread and help me with my problems for all problems I've encountered. So anyway, I put something like this in unit's extended tooltip |c00A0A0A0Hit Point Base: <e000,HP> Mana Base: None Attack Enable: True Attack Damage: <e000,dmgplus1>...
  2. eats humans

    [Unsolved] Creating a Bully-AI system

    I have been working on a certain project for some time now. The primary problem is AI. Background--- ever played kodo tag in wc3? ever wonder why it was never ported over to sc2? well, it's because the AI works differently, and the 'bugs' exploited in that game, in order to create the...
  3. Spellbound

    Change Unit Height on Morph

    So I want to create this 'drop down from orbit' effect on Morph.*.Finish, but I'm having a lot of trouble to get that to work with dummy models attached to invisible ones that stretch down. So instead I'm trying Modify Unit to change the height of the unit directly. The problem I'm having now is...
  4. Varimathras.

    [Unsolved] Loot and Validators

    In my map i want units to drop items only if they have a specific behavior. In the loot tab of the data editor there is the field CLoot_ValidatorArray. as soon as i put any validator in there (tried different ones for test purposes), no loot appears (without validator i get loot). i think the...