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damage bonus

  1. HerlySQR

    How can I get the attack amount of a unit with bonuses?

    Hello, I searched for some method to get the damage a unit can deal with the bonuses, but I don't find any more than control the bonuses with systems (but I wanna consider auras and buffs) or getting directly the value from the frame (but I need have selected only the unit and sync the value and...
  2. xploder7

    [Solved] Hero Base Damage

    Hi, I have a trigger that does some math to increase a unit's damage with the Roar ability. In the trigger, I want to increase a hero's damage by 5x their main attribute. So the equation I use to change the "% damage" in the ability is: % damage increase from Roar ability = (Main Attribute of...
  3. DexterFstone

    multi-time increases damage via trigger

    how to multi-time increases damage via trigger with item-damage-bonus ability?
  4. Gibanica

    [Spell] Modify ability damage based on stats?

    Hey I trawled the forums couldn't find a way to achieve this... If you can point me to a thread that would be amazing... I'm trying to make it so an ability (let's say Searing Arrows) will do additional damage based on the Agility stat. So (base damage) + (searing arrows damage) + (amount of...
  5. matin45

    Damage Bonus

    I'm using damage bonus for attacks but all attacks do full damage. Why? (I did set all armours to 0 but I tried to solve the problem by add some armour values but it didn't work)