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  1. Zenonoth

    [Miscellanous / Other] Zenonoth & Team Nightfall's Map Projects Thread

    Zenonoth, trebla ratilla, joaquim98, millzy, WarcraftLiterature "Team Nightfall is a team of ambitious WC3 modders/map developers who combine their efforts to make acceptable maps for you to enjoy, we're hoping to do our best to provide entertaining maps!"...
  2. Wardota2 Gamer

    Arthas:''For the Light!'' project (member recruitment)

    Welcome to Wardota2 Gamer's member recruitment Hello guys Wardota2 Gamer here and today I am recruiting a member for my project Arthas:''For the Light!'' or AFTL because I need help on my project so that when I post it no one will be disapointed.If you can choose what better positions you want...
  3. Wardota2 Gamer

    (Suggestion) ''Events''

    Hello Hiveworkers!, I just want to have a suggestion for this site to be better and I hope that you would make this suggestion true. Firstly I would like this site to have Events like Christmas that's an event thats what I want and morally while the event is...
  4. Daffa

    [Campaign] Darkness Returns

    DOWNLOAD LINK AT PROGRESS SECTION! MAIN CHARACTERS Zalamus Whitesky A new commander of the Grand Coalition. Paired with Alliara Lightstar, his capabilities to command the light and his swordsmanship will lead him to victory. Alliara Lightstar Another new commander of the Grand Coalition...