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custom skins

  1. inactive forever

    [SD/Texturing] JPG into BLP

    can you turn this image into a blp? NOTE:WAR3VIEWER DOESNT WORK
  2. Fall in Dalaran Ruins

    Fall in Dalaran Ruins

    A vibrant yet pleasant contrast made with autumn tree skins! Read caption for sources and credits.
  3. Loki18

    Skins for all!

    hello so far love the update and some of my feedbacks like the search system. don't know if this occurs to all but when im viewing a custom skin, it doesn't apply on the model, and can you put back the option when viewing a Skin which includes all models on the database that uses that texture...
  4. Edeias

    [Import] Custom Model doesnt move

    Hello there. I hope, this post is in the right section. Im really not sure... Anyway: I have been working with the Reforged World Editor for some time now, and have decided to use custom skins. Most I have found here would replace the normal model, but I would like to have both in the same map...
  5. Pugnadeus

    Client side custom skins

    Hello, I'm wondering if I can alter my warcraft 3 version by adding custom skins. Here is what I mean: I download a custom skin for a Fel Guard, and I put it in my warcraft 3 folder. Every time I'm in game and everyone else sees a normal fel guard with a normal model/skin, meanwhile I will see...
  6. Barorque

    The Burning Legion

    The Burning Legion Hello hiveworkshop!!! This is my demon race, the Burning Legion! I'm almost done with all the units, spells and upgrades, except the heroes, I'm only beginning with them. Main Building: Citadel of Doom Can be upgraded to Citadel of Inferno (T2) - Citadel of Chaos (T3)...
  7. Anzdragon

    I can't download Milkshape

    Waaa :cry: I cant download Milkshape to make models..... Anyone help me? ANYONE IF YOU CAN HELP EMAIL ME!!! :( I rly rly wanna make a custom skin! Also, how do I make quests that can rewarded people and finish?