1. conde

    cursor bug

    My cursor always looks like this. In main menu, in game... How can I fix this?
  2. VaaL

    [General] Hide mouse cursor in-game

    I know there is a way to hide the cursor in Reforged, but for me it simply doesn't work I tried to use call BlzEnableCursor(false) but it doesn't work I'm using a custom movement and camera system, and I don't like that the player can click somewhere to make the unit go/attack there and I wanna...
  3. jsmoove

    Leather Glove Cursor

    Just like the Title says. I could use a leather gloved hand as a cursor for my bandit faction. Probably a simple task for someone that knows what they are doing.
  4. Uncle

    Trying to increase the size in which you can highlight a Unit

    I'm editing a simple 2d rectangle model and although i've got it to the exact scale I want it to be, it's very hard to select/target the model with your cursor. I tried increasing the scale/collision size/the pathing map, etc... but I can't seem to figure out what manipulates the...