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  1. Argent Crusade

    Argent Crusade

    "Rise up Argent Crusader the hour of justice has come" -Highlord Tirion Fordring Credits goes to Blizzard , Ujimasa Hojo , Stefan.K
  2. BrazilEmperor

    Golden Staff :)

    Hello, my brothers! Could anyone recommend me some model of holy staff? a staff of bishop, priest or related to sacred magic, preferably of gold color ... Thank you!
  3. Cherrymage

    Roleplay : Dunkelheit

    topResistance Against the Cake Crusade Dunkelheit "A World of Darkness" Up-to-date Last Update : 7th of March, 2018 CE Table of Contents About Maps Rules and Guidelines Major Factions Player Data The Management Skip this Post aboutAbout Alastorn, the mythical world of darkness that has...
  4. Cherrymage

    Roleplay : Terranova

    topResistance Against the Cake Crusade Terranova "A New Land to Conquer" Under Maintenance Last Update : 22 May, Year 106 of the Republic of China (UTC +8) Table of Contents About Maps Rules and Guidelines Major Factions Player Data Council of Managers Skip this Post aboutAbout === WIP ===...
  5. Elf_Lord

    Chasing the Dawn - Abbendis

    Hey, all! It's me, that on-again, off-again mapmaker who's been trying to make a campaign for like a year and a half (check out my signature). Since I've been unsure if I'll be able to finish it, I've been hesitant to make a request for models/textures because of the amount of effort required to...
  6. Jhotam_3Dcool&create

    [wallpapers] Highlord Tirion Fordring - Argent Crusade

    Hi , not sure if this can go here . This is the only one that publishes .