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  1. NikWal

    [SD/Modeling] Good afternoon, can someone recreate the model of the hero arcana from DotA 2 "Wraith King" The Skeleton King. I'll be very thankful! ;))

    I was looking for this model of the skeleton king everywhere, I'm talking about the one in the attached video, but I realized that unfortunately I can't get it anywhere, and decided to try to ask for help from people from a wonderful forum. I hope that someone will respond to my request, I will...
  2. Undeadtaker

    Programmer/s needed to revive the RTS genre.

    Hello everyone! For some time now I have thought about reviving the RTS genre. I feel as if the games today have lost the importance of lore and what it means to go through a story. I would like to find 2-3 programmers who are interested in creating this. We would learn Unreal Engine 4 and...
  3. Rykon-V73

    Curious help about auras

    I've been checking hive workshop, but I'm not sure if I can find Aura tutorials, as in how to make/create custom auras. Does anyone know if there's a tutorial like this?