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corpse decay

  1. Loogris

    [Solved] Permanent corpses and endless beatles

    Basically, I'm trying to create a Necromancer-style class, but with massive zombie armies. I have modified Corpse Beetle spell to create zombies, that was easy. But I can't seem to get it's summon limit past 24. There doesn't seem to be any sort of Game Constant attached to it either. Is there a...
  2. Gilded

    Scavenging Corpses

    I want to learn how to Allow the Unit to Scavenge a corpse with a knife. For Example my Hero just murdered a bear and needs to extract the meat from the corpse and not just the fur that is done on my map. But I want skinning a bear to be special or some other animals. Something Founders of The...
  3. mal_blago

    Corpse Decay prevention

    Hello. I have a question on the WC3 Editor. If Possible, How do I prevent corpses from dissapearing from the map, indefinetly? (if possiple, in flesh form) From what I gather Corpses have 2 forms, First, in flesh, which uses the actual unit model, and then Bone form, which sorta resembles what...