1. Velmarshal

    [Aeon of Strife] Endless Tussle

    Endless Tussle And yes this was the inspiration for the name: Revengers: Endless tussle Last test: 28th July Currently working on: Primary Fixing the respawn system (seems to work properly atm) Hero selection messaging Secondary Making items "less shit" Nerfing speed abilities (they are a bit...
  2. Rektis

    [General] Full Share allows training of unavailable units - how to stop?

    My map has one barracks unit type that can train all units, but on MapInit all units are made unavailable for all players, and then, after 0.01s, a trigger goes through each player and makes training of certain units available. The problem is that after certain events such as a player leaving...
  3. Arkth

    Castle Wars III (Project)

    Hello guys: Well, I want to introduce you this Map: Castle Wars III. I took a very old map that seems forgot, and fell in love with the terrain and the posibilities. The main idea is to create a Footman Frenzy-Survival Chaos feel, with tons of units in game and powerful but not invencible...
  4. Darfi

    [Solved] Creating a spell

    Hi! I'm new on this forum but i'm modding in warcraft editor since few years. Now to point: I want to create some spells forcing unit to do something: jump to a place, deal combo damage to a unit etc. But I have to know how to make player lose control on hero during time of this spell. I saw it...