control points

  1. Spacebuns

    [Aeon of Strife] Legends of the Secret War - Beta

    Legends of the Secret War 0.93 beta What is Legends of the Secret War? Legends of the Secret War is an Aeon of Strife-styled map using the game rules of Conquest. I didn't click on the link, what is Conquest? It's basically a game mode where you go around the map, either killing Heroes or...
  2. TheSilverhand

    Creep Wars Content help?

    I have been working on this project solo for over a year now, and I am at need of someone who could help me with my project. I have a map called Creep wars: CreepWarsTSHv39 The goal of the game is to Destroy the enemy castle, where you can also conquer control points to earn extra Gold &...
  3. Capture Point 1

    Capture Point 1

    Happy little grunt.
  4. Capture Point 2

    Capture Point 2

    Happy little grunt with happy little point
  5. Darkness568

    [Trigger] Upgrading and teleport point system??

    Hi I am trying to make a battle tanks map that has a clickable upgrading system so that a hero when they click on the item it takes away x amount of gold from the hero and upgrades the item to a better version or different one all together. A teleport system that when a unit is near...