1. Kreuzschlitz

    Ability racial classification or similar filter

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to create a condition that checks whether a spell being cast is in the undead category or night elf category in the editor and to create different floating text depending on which race it is. I could not find any such conditions when playing around in the editor. The...
  2. Xaidin

    Trigger Help: All units of Player X in region are dead then spawn X units for Player Y

    I am having a hard time with the conditions of triggers and know this will come back to me at the end of completing my map by creating leaks. Currently, I have a conquest trigger I am trying to write, where if Player X takes over Player Y's base by killing all 6 buildings in the region, then...
  3. Matthew's_warcraft_book

    AND/OR in conditions?

    Hey all, Im just learning jass and am struggling to make a loop work. Im wondering if there can be 2 conditions for exitwhen? using AND, or OR. Example: Function Fxn takes nothing returns nothing local integer a = 1 local integer b = 5 loop exitwhen a == 1 AND b == 1 set b =...
  4. Majkowski

    Amount of wood condition

    I'm trying to create a quest where you have to get a certain amount of wood and then "bring" it to someone, so I want the quest to be completed once you enter a region and have the certain amount of wood, but I can't figure out how to create a condition that checks the amount of wood you have...

    [Solved] Can't link "Unit - Issues" Actions

    Hi ! I want specific peasants to harvest lumber from specific trees after they repair some farms. I know how to create the "Unit - Issue Order Targeting A Unit" and "Unit - Issue Targeting A Destructible" Actions but whether I try "Wait For Condition" or "If-Then-Else" Actions I can't seem to...
  6. Cravol

    [Solved] Faction Conditions

    Hey, so I'm having some issues with Triggers and I'm hopeful you guys can give me a direction to look at the very least. So what I'm trying to do is make a scenario in which one player is randomly chosen at the start to gain extra units and power and the other players have to work together to...
  7. Adorm

    [General] Two Questions on Unit Groups

    Hey Guys, How do you create a Unit Group through a Custom Script/JASS? And also, is it possible to check if a Unit Group is Empty and if so how would both of these things be accomplished through Triggers? Thanks so much! Cordially, Adorm