concept art

  1. Territory of the Blood Drinker Legion

    Territory of the Blood Drinker Legion

    Territory of the Blooddrinker Legion and their main base of operation, the Blood keep in the lands of the Demons from The Legends of Arkain.
  2. Kobold Geomancer concept

    Kobold Geomancer concept

    An idea for a reskin of the Ujimasa's Kobold Shaman (wich is basically an orc warlock with a head and hands of a kobold)
  3. Gilnean Footman

    Gilnean Footman

    My interpretation of Gilnean footmen from period of second war. I have gone for black teamcolour because it looks more grimdark. I think I will base worgen version on this later, with more fitting crest.
  4. Thrall HD Concept V4 WIP

    Thrall HD Concept V4 WIP

    Ello again! Worked a bit more on him, gauntlets, started with a bit of tribal decor(teeth) and basic colouring done again. It would be great if you tell me what do You think of it!
  5. Thrall Concept v3

    Thrall Concept v3

    I went back to continue work on Thrall again. New face, armour redone partially. Tell me what do You think!
  6. Lord_Marrowgrath

    Lord_Marrowgrath Concept Art

    Hello all. Some of them remember me. I quit Warcraft 3 after refunded disaster and I started do draw my own stuffs and some warcraft concept arts. There are examples: Sercan Özyurt here is my artist profile You can see much more detail and concept ideas on my artstation profile.
  7. Mr.Goblin

    Concept Art Contest #12 - Genie

    Image is courtesy of iSOLence GENIE Create a Genie and its container. The character should NOT be based on a narrative universe that already exists (Aladdin, Harry Potter, Dragonball, etc.). The concept-art must portray the character of the Genie coming out of its container (lamp, chest...
  8. 8512590215848

    I am back

    And here is my new piece of messy sht
  9. Engkanto

    Engkanto's Gallery of Art

    Hi i'm chael a.k.a engkanto, and im here to post some of my works as an artist, theyre mostly pencil work and i like drawing with fantasy themed subjects. most of them are unfinished, some are, and most of them are warcraft, while some are from some other fantasy game. you can follow me on my...