1. StangtennisGuru

    Changing "defend range" for computers?

    So Acqusition Range usually decides how far away a unit or hero will automatically acquire targets and start attacking them, but this normal range doesn't apply if you attack a unit that is friendly to the target within a certain "defend range" which can be longer than the acqusition range. From...
  2. Ace Madonna

    [General] Custom AI is Disobeying Problem

    Sorry for the disturbance, I am new to the world editor and have been dabbling in AI editor for some time now. It's entertaining to watch your units fight other AI, that's my main goal here. But the AI in my map is kind of disobeying: - On my attached AI, I only implemented 7 footmen for the...
  3. Raen7

    Computer players on basic "money map"

    Hi all, I'm having a tough time with something that seems simple. In a "money map" style map, where a player starts with several gold mines (say, 4), it seems that the AI just freezes up, specifically with Undead & NE. Human and Orc seem OK-ish, except they never take advantage of the extra...