1. deepstrasz

    Microtransactions - The Current Age

    Is it becoming a religion, tradition, psychological oppressive phenomenon, addiction? Will it ever become a thing of the past? (maybe when humanity will die?)
  2. BalanceDruid7

    Lets talk about PvP

    PvP in Action games. Competitiveness, skill, challenge, the potential to outplay your opponent in fast-paced combat, action (mostly Hero Arenas). I'm not talking about strategy type like Castle Fight, Legion TD, Azeroth Wars (whatever today's kidz play) that isn't in the action category. Famous...
  3. Mr.Goblin

    Concept-Art Contest #11 - The youngest or oldest warrior

    Image is courtesy of Tu Ngoc do THE YOUNGEST (or) OLDEST WARRIOR Create a unique warrior, very young or very old, NOT based on a narrative universe that already exists (Warcraft, Harry Potter, LoTR, etc.). The concept-art must portray one of the two different possibilities: Perhaps a cunning...
  4. Mr.Goblin

    Concept Art Contest #10 - Results

    Image is courtesy of Rudy Swisswanto Bounty Hunter Contestants are to create a Bounty Hunter. A Cunning dangerous and prowling killer that is only in the game of killing for the huge bounty involved. Can be anything!: an alien chasing massive beast, an elf ranger hunting down gnolls, to a...