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  1. Luashine

    [Success] Hybrid 12/24-player map | Backwards-compatible 1.24-1.28.5 & 1.31+

    There's one thing about Warcraft 3 maps that surprised me the most: the maps are entirely dynamic. Well, almost. Practically everything you think is saved permanently with WorldEdit, it is actually set up in war3map.j with code when the map loads. This means you can edit a whole lot about a map...
  2. Ricola3D

    Main indexers: a snippet for basic cross-compatibility ?

    Hello, I am trying to make a Armor system with a unit indexer as requirement. I need to store the "code armor" value of units whose armor is modified by BlzSetUnitArmor native. Then I use it as input in other pieces of code. I can't use hashtable no ? Because if the handle ID of a removed unit...
  3. Ricola3D

    Auto-cast abilities that work together

    Edit: I spent 2 hours to list all autocast spells & test them out of curiosity. I hope one day this will be usefull to another map developer :) Hello, I find the topic interesting, particularly for developers who make triggered auto-cast spells, so I am sharing ! I am looking for a list of the...
  4. deepstrasz

    [Import] 1.29.2 object editor data on newer patches

    Hey, is there a way to have all my object editor data kept by the manner of exporting and importing it? Say, I'll not use Latest (Melee Patch) but Custom TfT 1.07 (the stable/standard version?) but first export all object data of 1.29.2 and then import it over the 1.07 version (once the map is...